United States

Port Construction ? Opportunity to participate in the construction of the port facilities at Pulau Muara Besar such as the container terminal, administration building and berthing area either through tenders or public private partnership..

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United Kingdom

Industrial Development ? Investors are welcome to set up their industries in manufacturing, logistics, aquaculture, Halal Food Processing, Shipyard, Oil Refinery and Storage on the island.

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Infrastructure development ? Opportunities to participate in the infrastructure development such as construction of the bridge from mainland to PMB, roads and utilities such as power, water and sewerage through public private partnership or tenders.

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Urban development ? Investment and construction opportunities in property development; residential and commercial buildings as well as business parks to create an integrated island and robust environment.

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Brunei's Government is committed to the development of the petrochemical industry within the country and is demonstrated through the development of the Sungai Liang Industrial Park (SPARK)

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New zeland

Strategically located next to Brunei's well-established oil and gas industry, this 270 hectare site is ideally positioned to flourish as a world class petrochemical hub.

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Current projects in development at the iCentre include mobile communications content and software, barcode and Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) applications, software development and public portal development.

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The iCentre, Brunei Darussalam's first ICT incubator, is the first phase of the Business and Technology Park that the BEDB is developing to support local business and technology development.

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Brunei Darussalam imports about 80% of its food requirements, with the government subsidising certain staples such as rice, sugar and milk. The government also subsidises housing, electricity, water and oil as well as providing comprehensive medical services and free education through to university level. Brunei operates a currency board system with the Brunei Dollar (B$) being pegged to the Singapore Dollar, allowing both currencies to be legally interchangeable in Brunei and Singapore.

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